Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tea Total

Wednesday Advertising Day.

For some reason I have been going back to old ad series I have been posting about from the start lately. In some cases, because I had a few new color cans, but in this case it's because I found that the series started a whole year earlier than I thought. The Lipton Tea ads are a prime sample of what Johnstone and Cushing were good ad, giving a friendly face to the product with 'true to life' stories and characters. In this case they were drawn by Dik Browne (with some possible help by Gill Fox - if it wasn't all Fox imitation Browne), so what's not to like.

I have repeated all the old one I have, with the new ones up front and some extra news finds in early 1951 and late 1952. The series seems to have been done once a month, so I am still not cmplete, but I'm getting there.

From July 24 1949:

From August 21 1949:

From October 9 1949:

From November 6 1949:

From Jan 29 1950:

From April 23 1950:

From May 14 1950:

From May 21 1950:

From June 15 1950:

From January 7 1951:

From Februari 4 1951:

From March 1951:

From Mar 25 1951:

From April 1 1951:

April 29 1951:

From July 15 1951:

The same ad, cut as a three tier:

Froms Sept 2 1951:

From Sept 23 1951:

From Oct 4 1951:

From November 18 1951:

From Jan 20 1952

From May 25 1952:

July 13 1952:

From Oct 26 1952:

and the same again on Nov 23 1952:

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