Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ordinairy Blobs

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Herb Garner was an American humorist and playwriter, who started out doing cartoons. At his college newpaper, he invented the Nebbishes. They were so succesful, that he managed to merchandise them as cocktail napkins and postcards and that sort of stuff. After that became a succes, he placed them as a Sunday only strip at the New York Herald Tribune and it's syndicate. He had a wuite succesful run with the strip, honing his skills as a dialogue writer. After that, he turned to playwriting and wrote amongst other things the Braodway hit A Thousand Clowns. Later, he had another hit with I'm Not Rappaport and The Goodbye People didn't do bad either. Many consider him to be on eof the great American playwrites of the sixties and onwards. For an appreciation of the movie version of A Thousand Clowns I direct you to one of my favorite blog writers, Ken Levine.


I have many of these Sundays and will be adding them over the next few months. They are a real piece of American cultural history and deserve all the attention they can get. They are also proff of my idea that in the early sixties in America it seems that anything was possible.


Brubaker said...

Great strip! Thanks for posting them

Mindy said...

I realize this is an old post, but I have a question about Herb Gardner if you get this message. Thanks!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Ask away. I see the posts anyway. I have more of these Nebishes waiting to be scanned. If I have done all of my Chicago Sundays with them (and several other noteworthy strips) I will even sell them. I also have a couple of Garner columns on my files.