Friday, October 05, 2012

Wishing On A Starr

Friday Comic Book Day.

As we know from the recent three part interview in Alter Ego about his early career in comics, Marie Perkins artist Leonard Starr did a lot more comic book pages than one might expect. Not only as a penciller, also as a Milton Caniff inspired inker. After a couple of years taking just about any job he could get his hands on, he finally landed a secure position at DC, the most respected and best paying company. For them he did some of the mystery and mystery detective stuff as penciller and inker, some of which I have shown earlier. He also had a regular cowboy series in Western Comics called Nighthawk. Here just one example, there are a couple more when you follow the label. If there is interest I could do more. I don't think they'll ever be collected by DC and if they would, I'd have them start with Dr. Thirteen anyway.

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Robert Clayton Cooke said...

Excellent. Always loved Starr. Seeing these early pages, you can see he had that great direction in what he was doing already. Thanks for posting!