Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Proost Op Het Leven Dat Ik Vier

Tuesday Video Extra.

Last year I worked on a regional comedy series set in a bar. Each episode is only 15 minutes. In the 40th episode one of the main characters leaves to persue her dream of singing fado in Portugal and she has to leave her lover, the barman. Written by Jasper Beerthuis under my supervision, I am particulary proud of it. It is in a Dutch dialect, Overijssels, which most Dutch don't even understand. A dialect very much suited to understatement, it was a joy to work fr this series and these actors.

The remarkable opening song is by ne of my favorite Dutch songwriters, Daniël Lohues, with words and vocals by André Manuel (who also was one of the writers of the series).

Embedding the video didn't work. So for now, here is a link.



Manuel Caldas said...

Being a Portuguese citizen, this interested me. I saw the show, but the only word I understood was... "Portugal". But the girl is really beautiful!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

You must have gotten the joke that the guy keeps thnking she is going to Spain...