Saturday, December 22, 2012

All Betts Are Off

Saturday Leftover Day.

Scanning the Patsy's I showed yesterday, I came across a couple of gems I will show later. One of them was a signed 1942 ad for Nestlé by Jack Betts. Betts later worked on (and probably created) the Neddy Nestlé character, which he drew for over 10 years. About a year ago I recieved a mail from Betts' daughter, who told me some things about his life and untimely death, which i will be sharing later. She also sent me a Christmas card from the thirties and a photo that shows her father at work behind his drawing table. Betts' was one of the mainstays of Johnstone and Cushing, as the other two ads I am sharing here show, but he doesn't seem to have left behind a lot of anecdotes. Who was he? At least now we know what he looked like.


Alex Jay said...

When are you going to share the information from Betts' daughter?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I am still not sure if I shouldn't correspond some more with her to turn it into an articlefor The Comic Detective. In the meantime, I have allowed Steven Brower to use the info in his upcoming article on comic strip advertising in The Comic Journal. It concerns his tragic death and disappearance from the comic world in the late fifties.