Saturday, December 01, 2012

Call Me

Saturday Leftover Day.

It is always great to find new material by an artist you like. After showing so much of Dik Browne's Lipton Tea ads, it was a real surprise to find a new (daily) series in the same style and to see that it was signed as well! I have always wondered if these ads were by Dik Browne or the result of a collabortion between him and Gill Fox. In an earlier post, I showed a couple of ads for Smith Brothers signed by Goll Fox in almost the same style and as I have shown, Fox did work for Boy's Life in the same style as well. On top of that, it is known that Fox assisted Browne not only on his Tracey Twins series for Boy's Life, but also on Hi and Lois. So having a signature on this early work, is quite a big thing and at least an indication that Browne set the style or sarted the series.

These ads are in daily form and seem to be all there were.

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