Friday, December 21, 2012

Funny Story

Thursday Story Strip Day.

The Adventures of Patsy had a great start, a terrible middle and a so-so end. Drawn by Mel Graff for the first few years, it started out as a fantasy strip, but soon evolved into the adventures of a little girl in Hollywood. Aftr Mel Graff left to do Secret agent X-9, he was replaced by Charles Raab, who let himself be assisted for a week here and there by the great Noel Sickles. Raab left the strip in 1953 and was replaced by several artists before a new name appeared. That was Geoge Storm, who was followed by Al McClen and Richard Hall. It wasm't until Bill Dyer took over the art (and probably the writing as far as I can see), that te strip regained some life. In fact, towards the late foties I find it quite enjoyable. I have shown some of Dyers Sundays in an earlier post and I like it very much. The names and dates come from Alan Holtz, of course, who also mentions that they are basedon the dailies and not the Sundays. A Sunday was added in late 1941, but Holtz has no information about that. When I saw some 1942 Sundays offere on ebay, I was hoping that Charles Raab was doing them - but clearly he wasn't. Who the artist is, remains a questionmark. Maybe Albert Beacttini can help us out?

Some online sources say the strip wasn't called Patsy in Hollywood untill later, but my samples show the title was used as early as 1942.

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