Sunday, December 16, 2012

Worlds of Difference

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Looking at these Mark Merlin stories from week to week has given me a new respect for the stroytelling abillities Mort Meskin showed later in his career. Yes, the work is light and sometimes looks rushed, but most of the times it works better than the the often darker wrk he did for Prize before that. I still prefer his work when he spent mor time on it or when he is inked by a slicker inker, but the same power comes through.


Al said...

Meskin was the real deal, a shame he wasn't able to produce more comics work in the sixties. He would have been perfect for some of the Marvel superheroes, or indeed whatever he put his hand to.

Steven Brower said...

Beautifully drawn, inked and designed. I am intrigued by those insert panels, with the background extended behind them. Pretty common today, but I don't recall seeing them earlier than this. A Meskin innovation?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

No, they were done before that. The most common user was Pete Morisi, but I think I saw them elsewhere. I think Al Williamson used them, but that may have been later. Morisi uses them all the time in the late fifties.