Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dark East

Sunday Meskin Measures

Continuing my current run of random crime stories Meskin did for Headline and Justice Traps the Guilty. This one is from Headline #43. The fact it is not signed and the sometimes two-dimensional and overly dark ining make me think George Roussos was involved.

Italian Don

Saturday Leftover Day

Another gem from 'the Italian Don Martin'.

Friday, September 28, 2012

War! What Is It Good For?! Filling Those Last Pages!

Friday Comic Book Day.

Pappy Golden Age of Comics Blogzine has the last Captain Marvel story from Whiz comics #155 (although there would be more in Captain Marvel Adventures), but I am more interested in the fillers in these issues. In this case, it's a not very special story og Fawcett's horror narrator Dr. Death and war story drawn by Pete Morisi. Some people may think this is George Tuska again but the details and backgrounds clearly make it the work of Morisi himself - although it is fom a period when they were very close. Having seen many of theit stories in this period I have come to believe that Tuska was more influenced by Morisi than the other way around. At least until he started doing superheroes.

The Buck Continues Here

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Part two of a three part series. Tuska's space ship designs seem very nice to me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tea Total

Wednesday Advertising Day.

For some reason I have been going back to old ad series I have been posting about from the start lately. In some cases, because I had a few new color cans, but in this case it's because I found that the series started a whole year earlier than I thought. The Lipton Tea ads are a prime sample of what Johnstone and Cushing were good ad, giving a friendly face to the product with 'true to life' stories and characters. In this case they were drawn by Dik Browne (with some possible help by Gill Fox - if it wasn't all Fox imitation Browne), so what's not to like.

I have repeated all the old one I have, with the new ones up front and some extra news finds in early 1951 and late 1952. The series seems to have been done once a month, so I am still not cmplete, but I'm getting there.

From July 24 1949:

From August 21 1949:

From October 9 1949:

From November 6 1949:

From Jan 29 1950:

From April 23 1950:

From May 14 1950:

From May 21 1950:

From June 15 1950:

From January 7 1951:

From Februari 4 1951:

From March 1951:

From Mar 25 1951:

From April 1 1951:

April 29 1951:

From July 15 1951:

The same ad, cut as a three tier:

Froms Sept 2 1951:

From Sept 23 1951:

From Oct 4 1951:

From November 18 1951:

From Jan 20 1952

From May 25 1952:

July 13 1952:

From Oct 26 1952:

and the same again on Nov 23 1952: