Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Girl Running

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Here's a post I have been putting off way to long. If there ever was a comic strip that deserves a deluxe publication, it is this one. Written by the best newspaper continuity writer ever, Al Capp's brother Elliott Caplin (who did some of the best soap opera strips as well as writing for his brother and a very funny but unsold strip with Harvey Kurtzman in the early sixties) and drawn by the fastest, most prolific and one of the sexiest artists of his period, the only man I know who did three strips at the same time at one point of his career, Bob Lubbers. Long Sam is funny, it is sentimental, it is satirical and t is absolutely lipsmackingly welldrawn. It ran from late 1954 to the early sixties and one f the problems of putting ut a collection is the same as I am having here - getting together a good selection. I have gathered bits and pieces over the four years I have been doing this blog, as well as doing my own scans (with many more waiting) and still I am only scratching the surface. I would love to see a complete collection and I think it will sell well, but who has all the dailies and Sundays needed? Well, at least here are some. I hope you enjoy it, the quality varies - but there are some selfmade scans in there that you shouldn't miss!

And I promiss: more to come!


Rich Clabaugh said...

Some great stuff from a 'lost' comic strip. Thanks for the post Ger, I had never seen this before!

Frank M. Young said...

I would love to see a volume of this strip and ROBIN MALONE... I hope someone makes this happen in our lifetimes!

Mr ilovecomix said...

Join our comic strip beam. I am going to posting some Long Sam dailies in the next day or so. Stinks they are not dated. -Steven C. http://ibeam.it/f/ilovecomixArchive8000K