Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kickstarter Post

Saturday Leftover Day.

Okay, here's another book pitch. why not do a book of Bud Blake's 'unknown' Ever Told You cartoons? The cartoonist's cartoonist Bud Blake is best known for his kids comic strip Tiger, but before that he drew a daily cartoon series for over eleven years. It was a sarcastic series, which for the first few years used a variety of names - each defining that day's subject: Home Sweet Home about the terrible things that happen to you when you are married; Office Hours about the stuff you have to endure at work; Men at Work, about men not working in an office; The Great Outdoors, disasters in the wild; Public Enemy, terrible people you may encounter; The Breaking Point, that one thing people can say or do that makes it just too much. In the end he settled on Ever Happen, which covered the overall thrust of the series but was not the best name among them. For me The Breaking Point would be a far better title. I have shown many of these cartoons (although it is probably not a tenth of the total number out there).

Included in the book would also be the covers he did for weekly Sunday magazines under the name of The Sunday Pictorial, Sunday Pictorial Review or Weekly Review or variations on that. For these he did the same sort of cartoons, sometimes a big more gentle, often including kids, four times as large and in color. Whenever I have shown them here, people flock to it frm all over the world, that's how gorgeous they are. They would probably sell or make a book on ther own (though I would find that a shame, because I like the black and white dailies so much). But I never knew how much there were. So apart from buying whatever Sunday magazine with a Blake cver I can find, I have been collecting poorer copies from online sources - mostly to see which issues of he real thing I should buy.

So here are the ones I have found so far. As you can see, Blake did these cover from the late fifties right up until he started Tiger in 1964/5. At some point he did one every two week, So I don't know how many there are out there, but it may be a lot.

Of course the quality is poor, so just skip through them an thnen follow the label to see the real thing. The first post that comes up is one where I collected a whole lot of the color things.

Publishers, I am awaiting your call.

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