Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Golden Decade

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last week, I showed some of the rare mid forties Sundays for Patsy in Hollywood. So here is the real deal, a month's worth of dailies from Charles Raab's version. Raab started out as an assistant of Milton Caniff, the socalled Rembrand of comics. Raab took over Patsy from another Caniff/Sickles inspire artist, Mel Graff. In fact, Noel Sickles himself ghosted several weeks of his run here and there. I will try and find out exactly which weeks for my upcoming book on all of the artists inspired by Caniff and Sickles, School of Rembrand. It will show stories and samples from Graff, Raab, Frank Robbins, Ray Bailey, Lee Elias, Alfred Andriola, Dan Heilman, Bill Overgard and Alex Kotzky and will show Caniff's influence in comic books with artists such as Mort Meskin, Alex Toth, George Roussos, Leonard Starr, Pete Tumlnson, George Tuska and others. Just need to find a publisher.

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