Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Lifestye Advise

Wednesday Illustration Day.

I first became aware of Bob Bugg when I realized he was the artist of the extremely funny Sgt. Bilko series of ads for Camel in the late fifties, most of which I have shown in an earlier post. He worked mainly as an illustrator in the fifties. I like his open style, which reminds me of the work of Hank Ketcham. I guess they shared the same influences. From somehwere in 1954 he started illustrating the columns of E. V. Durlng for the King Features produced Sunday Pictorial Review, a weekly newspaper section filled with gags, articles, stories.... and illustrated columns. Famous contributors to thoese columns were people such as Virgil Partch, Otto Soglow, Milt Gross, Colin Allen, Ralph Stein and of course Bob Bugg. I have a set of self made scans and a couple from Google News Search, which are just for the illustrations.

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David Rickert said...

I love these! I also saw that he did some book illustrations.