Monday, February 11, 2013


Monday Cartoon Day.

Larry Reynold's Butch was one of the few regular features in Collier's that did not end up as a newspaper cartoon or strip series. Funny enough, in this biographical piece from the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, it is identified as a strip Reynolds created for Look magazine, but in the few copies I have of Look I never came across it.

Larry Reynolds (1912-?) American cartoonist born in Mount Vernon, NY. Larry Reynolds went into advertising and illustration work after graduating high school. He sold his first cartoon to Collier’s in 1932. His work subsequently appeared in most major publications of the time, including the New Yorker, the Saturday Evening Post, and the New York daily PM.

Reynolds was drafted into the army during World War II and subsequently created his famous weekly panel Butch, for Look magazine (his first cartoons there were signed “Corporal Larry Reynolds”). Butch was a burly but lovable burglar who helped little old ladies across the street, kept apologizing to intended victims, and generally made a mockery of the profession of robbery, much to the disgust of his diminutive accomplice, Slug. Butch was Reynolds’s most enduring feature, lasting until the demise of Look in 1971.

Hairy Green Eyeball paid some attention to this panel as well in 2008. There is more to be seen there, plus a mention of an intermission cartoon with the same character available on youtube in the comments section.

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