Friday, March 29, 2013

A Tatch Unstringed

Friday Comic Book Day.

Sterling was a small publisher with a small output and an even smaller life span. In 1955 they published six titles (two of which were the same with a title change). Constant factor in all of those was Mike Sekowsky, who was either the packager or a good friend of the publisher. He is the only artist in every title and did just about every cover. As always, he only did the pencilling, with the inker unknown. Sekowsky was a fast and competent artist, who work from the early fourties to the eighties or nneties. His work can be rushed and formulaic, but at it's best he is a very good storyteller. Apart from doing all that comic work, he ghosted many newspaper strips as well.

Here is an ad for some of Sterling's titles, with the cover to one of the most interesting ones, the late fifties code sanetized 'hoor' book Surprise Adventues. I have always liked this cover. The biggest surprise here is the fact that there is no story related to it in the book. So with that, I have another Sekowsky story from the early fifties, that sems to fit the bill.

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