Thursday, March 21, 2013

Betting On Tom C.

Thursday Story Strip Day.

When I started this blog, one of the favorites I wanted to share was Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett. Bailey worked as an assistant on Terry and the Pirates, before starting on his own. Tom Corbett is his third strip and a joy to see. It's like seeing what a Milt Caniff science fiction strip would have looked like, with the occasional dinosaur thrown in.

I was lucky enough to run into several runs of the daily strip as well (not to mention the enormous help from friendly visitors) and decided to do the whole three year run of the strip (as far as I could). I made it as far as November 1952, well into the second year. I was able to include many color Sundays and filled the gaps with black and white microfiche versions. But there it stopped. I have put off getting more microfiche scans needed to continue the run and the beautiful color Sundays I have scanned in since then are burning a hole in my pocket.

So here, a bit less compete than usual (but I promise to fill in the gaps), is a couple of months worth of what followed.

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Thanks for posting - please post some more when you get a chance