Monday, March 18, 2013

Great Scott!

Monday Cartoon Day.

I admire the work of The Little People's Walt Scott, but I never 'like' it. There was something distant and calculated about it. This shows best when he did the Sundays for Captain Easy, but it also hinder me in wanting to read his longrunning comic strip The Little People. Still, he was a man of undisputed skills, starting out as one of the regulars at NEA syndicate, filling in for Captain Easy (and maybe over some others) before finallt landing his own strip (vased on an idea he seems to have had in the thirties). From rought 1950 to 1955, he also did a political cartoon for NEA. I think these cartoons show him at his best, adding a funny slant to the often very serieus political cartoons of the time. He was not alone in this, Hank Barrow and Walt Kelly did similar work. But for a short while, he was upthere with those two giants.

Because these cartoons were not signed in type and not at regular intervals, it is hard to ge hold of them through the internet searches I normally use. There simple is nothing else to do but leave through papers you know he might be in, which explains why I can do ony a few at the time. If you follow the label, you'll find some more and some of Scott's other work.


Alberto said...

Hi Ger.

I do agree with you about Scott's Captain Easy... It certainly didn't have Crane's Cap's charms. Scott was mainly a humorous artist, and his training was done in animation at Disney's. Here are his animation credits, for anybody who might be concerned.


SCOTT, Walter (Walt) (9 Aug 1894-Dec 1970)
Story Sketch: DISNEY 38-41 (Pinocchio 40, Fantasia 40, Dumbo 41)
Animator: DISNEY c41 (Donald Duck 42 [Sky Trooper])

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I wonder if he was drafted...