Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Early Modern

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Jack Betts drew the Neddy Nestlé ads for Nesté for over ten years. A couple of months ago I found a very early sample of his ads for Nestlé from 1942, not yet featuring the Neddy Nestlé character. This week, I came across an even earlier one, from 1940. I also found one from the same year by another Johnstone and Cushing regular, Creig Flessel. So it seems Betts was handling the Nestlé account from 1940 onwards. It is fun to see so many of his stylistic traits already in place; the lively inking, the kids faces, the open lines on the paper hat in the first panel. The lettering in the first panel is remarkably smilar to the sort of lettering Noel Sickles and Milt Caniff used for their Postum ad series.

I am starting with the (signed) Flessel ad:

Then we have Jack Betts':

Here is another early Nestlé ad by Betts, which I showed before. Here we see his personal style alreay in full bloom.

Here is another ad series Jack Betts tributed to. It is in a more serieus style, but his traits are undoubtebly there. But he probably idn't do all of them. In some I even think I see Lou Fine's hand. Which is doubtful, because I think h had already Johnstone and Cushing in 1947 (or was just about to). The last few may even be by neither of them.

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