Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Extra Post.

Today I spent some of my time scanning assorted pages from my office floor (don't ask). I occured to me that I was actually scanning pages that will be 70 years old to the day next thursday. So I am putting them up here, so I can link to them on facebook. I have added a little info to all of them.

The first page is a 'classic' humor strip byillustrator Clifford McBride. It is very well drawn, especially the dog (which isn't in this joke). One would almost suspect thatMcBride had a background in animation. Napoleon also featured in a series of ads in the forties.

Dan Dunn is the second and lesser known strip by Alfred Andriola, who started out doing Charlie Chan in a Milton Caniff style. If I remember right, he was asked to take over Dan Dunn and did so in exchangefor the promise he could start his own detective strip after a while. That became the succesful and long running strip Kerry Drake.

True Comics was a newspaper version of Parents' comic book series of the same name. It seemed to concentrate mostly on war heroes and was part of the 'propaganda machine'. In 1944 Joe Simon and writer Milt Gross did two out of every four Sundays, which were reprinted in a comic book afterwards. it was the last solo work Joe Simon would do in a long time.

Dinky Dinkerton is a funny strip I had never heard of. Paul Tumey writes about it (and it's creator) for more than a bit on his excellent slapstick strip blog: http://screwballcomics.blogspot.nl/2012/06/assorted-nutz-1-art-huhta-and-dinky.html.

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