Monday, April 01, 2013

Make Mine A Bud

Monday Cartoon Day.

I have said this every other time I showed a few of these and I will say it agian next time, but if there ever was a series of newspaper cartoons panels that deserves a reprinting, it's the Ever Happen To You series by Bud Blake. Blake is best know for his good but altimatey repetative series Tiger. Stilisticly, he has a lot of fans among artists, but neither Tiger nr his eleven year running daily cartoon series made enough of a splash to warrent substansive book editions. Still Ever Happen (which started in 1954 as a series of cartoons with six itles, one for every day of the week) is no ony very sarcastc and very funny, but it also shows Blake's compositional skills. As I said before, a cartoon collection could be livened with Blake's many full color covers for newspapr magazines such as the Sunday Pictorial Review. Follow the label if you want to see more of those.

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