Thursday, April 11, 2013

You're My Wunder Wall

Thursday Story Strip Day.

When Milt Caniff stopped doing Terry and he Piates, he had given his syndicate more than a year's notice, so they could find the most suitable replacement. Several artists auditioned, but in the end the job went oto a relative unknown artist, George Wunder. George had been a staff artist at Associated Press and although his own style was not a close imitation of Caniff's, it was similar. And he had all the time to study it and see what he could use. For the first year, he stayed pretty close to Caniff's style. It was only later that he developed his own style for the strip, which was competent enough, but ended up being called dull in all the history books. Still Terry and the Pirates remained a huge succes in all the papers al through the fifties and sixties and maybe it deserves a second look. So here are some assorted Sundays and a longer run of Sundays and dailies from 1947.

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klaus said...

Dear Ger,

I am trying to find the source of a George Wunder 'Terry and the Pirates' strip for an article. Is there any way I can contact you? Thank you in advance.