Monday, May 20, 2013

A Dog's Life

Monday Cartoon Day

George Crenshaw (1913-2007) is one of those cartoonists who tried to get into newspaper comics over and over again, until he finally hit the jackpot with his panel cartoon Belvedere. He is said to have worked for Disney in the thirties and possibly into the forties. In the late forties his cartoons start appearing in all sorts of magazines. A career trjectory he shares with Hank Ketcham, Dick Shaw and Virgil Partch, although he seems to have taken slightly longer to click. In 1956, he did his forst panel cartoon, The Muffins. After that came Nubbin' (1958-69) and 'McGirk's Works' (1959), Belvedere (1962-now), Simpkins' (1971) and 'Gumdrop' (1977-78). Here are some of his cartoons. I may ad more later.

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