Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Country File

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last March I shared a scan I had of Art Huhta's detective parody Dinky Dinkeron. Coincidentally Paul Tumey had more about this forties rarity on his screwball comics blog ( He mentioned the fact that Huhta also did a serieus strip for a while in the later half of the forties. Soon after, I came across these and couldn't help but scan them in. It's like a serieus version of Li'l Abner in a Chicago school style, which at the tme of this strip was already oldfashioned (eclipsed by the much more suited to comic chiascuro style of Noel Sickles and Milt Caniff).

As a bonus for you and for Paul I have added a couple more Dinkertons I came across.

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Paul Tumey said...

Holey Smokes! Sputter! Somehow I missed this post! Therese are absolutely GORGEOUS -- thanks Ger. Love the Dinkys, especially!