Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Copyright Infringement To You

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

One of my commentators asked for the Willie Lumpkin strip of his birthday. It took me some time to find it and the condition is not super, but here it is.


Walter Loyd Lilly said...

...Yaaaayyy !!!!!!!!!
( I assume that is 1-26-SIXTY ? ) Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
I presume Continental Europeans use the " day first " method of riting names down , " 26-1-60 " ?
Of course , you are (primarily , anyway) writing about American , and so American-dated , things...........Do you eve asee Archie Comics various digest titles in the US ?
( Which now all have the sub-name " Double Digest " - Archie Double Digest , Betty & Veronica Double Digest , etc. )
For the past few years they have been using Archie Sunday strips , all from the Henry Scarpielli/Craig Boldman era , as filler materia . As run , they take off the dates .

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I am not really into the whole Archie thing, although I do like my friend Craig Yoe's book on Archies Madhouse. I have suggested to him to use Bud Sagendorf Sundays as filler material on the comic book reprints. Those first few years are great. I have shown a few on my blog and have about 50 waiting to be scanned.

I have been doing these American comics for so long I have forgotten what the European or the Amrican way of notinh the date is. My method is YEAR-MM-DD, which mkes them line up properly in my folders. You can see those notations as part of the file name.