Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Looney Bill

Friday Comic Book Day.

If there ever was a series of short stories from the Quality books, that deserves a reprinting, it is the Torchy series by Bill Ward. Famous for his later suacy gags and bondage illustrations (and his work for Cracked as McCarthy) in the forties he worked as a penciller and inker for Quality. Even then, his best work included scarcely clad ladies. It helps the stories are funny as well. Someone once explained me that ding a reprint book of these kind of stories is hard, because the books are quite pricey and so many have been scanned for the internet (most of the properties being copyright free). So the production of a real book would be pricey and the sales not guaranteed. In which case I would settle for a complete set in digital form. Toay and tomorrow I share what I could find.

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