Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Mezzo-Alto's

Friday Comic Book Day.

In the period that Jack Cole's Plastic Man was riding high, so many stories had to be made that several artists jumped in and did their own version. Names such as Gill Fox, Alex Kotsky and John Spranger have been mentioned, but there must aslo have been a whole army of inkers adding their own elements to the funny version of Quality's house style. Jack Cole himself was in there as well, doing all sorts of short stories alongside his work for Plastic Man. sometimes it is very clear to see Cole worked on something, sometimes it is les obvious. Part of the problem is that anything that looks like Cole might be involve might actually be another artist transporting his Cole influence or the trick he used when working on Plastic man as an inker, for instance.

Which is all a long preamble to show you two funny stories from Hit Comics, that I think have a Jack Cole sheen to them. The first one more than the second. The concept of the series was around fo a few years and I think it was started or developed by Paul Gustavson. That would explain the slight weird look of the main character. The first one has Cole touches, and robably isn't by him. The second though screams Cole to me all over the place.

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