Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Heavens To Betsy

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

In 2008 eight I devoted two posts to Jack Cole's last comic strip Betsy and Me. Fantagraphics had just brought out their 'complete' run of the strip, which unfortunately was missing a couple of Cole Sundays and most of Dwight Parks' continuation of the strip. From that Parls' son Daid contacted me and I wrote an article about it for Hogan's Alley. Since then I have been looking for new strips and although they remain har to find, I have at least some to ad. In my first post, I give a full list of what is missing from the Fantagraphics book. In my second post I have most of Parls' sundays (at least till the second week of december although some sources report he finished the month. So here are two more Sundays, one a three tier by Jack Cole, which is only in the book as a two tier (but also one of the few color pages). After that a two tier by Parks and a week of dailies.

I urge anyone who has any to add, or people who can help me find a more complete run in one of the city or State libraries in or around the towns involved, please contact me. If someone could go and have a look at the Harrisburg Patriot, we might find a definite end date for this unique strip.

BY the way, did I ever mention that this is one of the few strips I know (possibly the only, now that I think of it) that dropped it's middle tier to convert from three to two tiers?

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