Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Other Pep

My posts have been a bit erratic (or late, if you want to be precize) because I have been working on two big projects. One is an episode of a new Dutch tv series, which is not my own so it took a bit of adapting. The other is a book of the history of the Dutch weekly Pep, which appeared from 1962 to 1975 and was the birthplace of most of the important Dutch artists. Since I was 13 when it was at it's peak, this is also the magazine that made me love comics the way I do.

Three of the artists reprecented in this magazine were recruted to do a horoscope page. Even though it is i Dutch, I guess the subject is familiar enough. The artists represented here are Peter de Smet, Fred Julsing and Daan Jippes. Missing from these feature are Martin Lodewijk and Dick Matena, who were equally genius.

The minimalistic gag strip Voortvluchtig (On The Run) was done by Jan van Haasteren, who became famous for doing jigsaw puzzles.

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