Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Out Of Three Ain't A Strike

Sunday Meskin Measure.

Three more Mort Meskin stories from Justice Traps The Guilty. Although his style is very recognizable, for these crime stories Mort Meskin used a darker, heavier way of inking. Still, in the first story, I think he was assistent (at least) by George Roussos. The second one is almost as dark, but I suspect Meskin did that one himself. If you look at the second tier of the second to last page, you see the shadow on the face of the man is done with brushstrokes, where George Roussos would just have blacked it out. The last stoy is a qustionmark, but tehre are ome Roussos touched, such as using crosshatching in shadows, where Meskin would have used single stripes. Still, he could have copied that from his friend and coworker Roussos.

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Steven Brower said...

I agree with your inking credits: first story Roussos, the other two all Meskin.