Monday, August 12, 2013

Gag A Day

Monday Cole Gags Day.

I have saud a few time that the one pagers Jack Cole did for a variety of Quality titles in the forties are exstemely worth colectiong. Unfortunately, the books they are in are usually quite expensive, so there is probably no one around with a large enough collection to make this possible. This week I will be showing all of the Wun Cloo pages he did for Smash Comics. Wun Cloo was not started by Cole. In fact, it was a two page series of whodunnit stories by Gill Fox, who later took over a lot of Cole's strips. As far as I can see the first one here is by Fox (easy, it is signed), the second one is by Cole, the third by Fox again and after that Cole took over definitively. As you will see over the next few days, he started signng it Ralph Johns soon after this, which was the name he used for all these one-pagers.

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