Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maybe Baby

Sunday Meskin Measures.

In the late fifties, there was a period that the production of Mort Meskin was slowing down. All through his carrer he had periodicly had problems. The only evidence we have of that (apart from the recollection of some of the people involved) is the fact that some of the stories he did in this period were done with assistance of Carmine Infantino and/or Joe Kubert. Less often mentioned is the fact that Meskin's friend George Roussos may have assisted him on some jobs. There are two or three stories in My Greatest Adventure at least that look as if they could have some involvement by Mort mMskin. There are a couple of solo jobs by George Roussos as well, that look pretty similar. The difference to me eye is that Roussos was never as good in drawing normal people as Meskinwas. His solo stories are full of weird aliens and walking buildings, spaceships and other hardware. This story is a particular example of something that could be a George Roussos story in teh Meskin style, but it can also be a George Roussos story based on layouts of Meskin. Either way, it doens't look too shabby.

Before that, a story from #45 which is credited to Meskin on the Meskin checklist. And rightly so, since it is singed in the left hand corner of the first page. Point is, I don't see a lot of differenc to this and the unsigned one from #48.

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