Friday, September 20, 2013

Not Joking Around

Friday Comic Book Day.

Every Sunday I share a Mort Meskin story. Now that I have fnished doing the stories he drew with Jerry Robinson in the late forties and erly fiftie, I have moved on to his work for Prize in the early to mid fifties. This work was still impressive, but (probably because of the low rates per page) he often fell into a maniaristic overly designed form of setiing up his pages and panels. The artistry was still there, but often the overall impression is one of haste. This is what Jerry Robinson was doing at the same time (probably for the same low rates). This work is extra impressive f you see it alongside that of his contemporaries. Although people like Alex Raymond and Milton Caniff were doing equally good work in the newspapers, I know of no artist around that time who had such a high standard of work, certainly not in the comics.

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