Friday, September 13, 2013

Nothing To Ziff At

Friday Comic Book Day.

As long as I am doing Alex Kotzky's Apartment 3G on thursdays, here is a comic book story he did in the early fifies. Lotzky started ut in comic books at Quality, first as an assistant/inker/imitator of Lou Fne. After that he is supposed to have been one of the artists working on Plastic Man. Later on he was Jack Cole's inker on the more realistic Plastic man and horror stories. After that he sort of disappears. I have seen some of his illustration and advertising work from that period, but I assume he was doing a lot of ghosting of newspaper strips. So this work for Ziff Davis may be some of his last comic book work. It seems to me pretty close to his 'own' style and compares well to the later Apartment 3G. I was alerted to this story by an interview in Alter Ego #120 with writer Ed Silverman.

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