Monday, September 09, 2013

Some Gags Do

Monday Cartoon Day.

Gags magazine was around since the mid forties. It was one of those oversized magazines, but the only one not to put the emphesis on half naked ladies. I have samples up to 1947. In 1951 it was around again, this time as a normal sized cartoon magazine (with similar painted covers, so on ebay you don't really see the difference). Mort Walker sold 57 cartoons to them, some of which were used in Here!, as the magazine was called in most of 1952. I think it was around in 1950 as well, but I am not sure when exactly it changed size or restarted. I have shown most of my Mort Walker samples, but here are some leftovers of other interesting cartoonists. George Crenshaw started as a cartoonist in the late forties, after which he had a sold career in newspaper strips, as did Frank O'Neil and Harold Mace. Reamer Keller is Reamer Keller.

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