Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Criming Game

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Another late period Prize story from Headline #67, just because I came across it.

I also cme across this one, an unsigned Mort Meskin story from Timely's Love Romances #44. It is noted in the Mort Meskin Checklist that's available from the Mort MeskinYahoo group, but not on the Timely Atlas Tales site. It is a special story, because it is one of the few solo jobs Meskin did for Stan Lee. Most of the others were done with George Roussos and signed MR. This story is from Mort Meskin's most fertile period in the fifties, when he was doing horror stories for Frankenstein and psychological stories for Strange Worlds of Your Dreams. He also tried to make the step to DC, where the standards (and payments) were the highest in the business. And where they would tinker with his personal style so much, that only the internal brilliance of his work survived.

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