Friday, October 11, 2013

Calling Mr. Weiss

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Morris Weiss was born in 1915, which means he is now 98. he started in the thirties as a letterer and asstant on several strips. Most often mentioned is his work as assistant and inker for Lank Leonard's Micky Finn from 1936 to 1943, when he joined the army. In 1945 he worked for Timely, where he was one of the first artists to get involved with the post-war teen series, writing and drawing the title character's stories in the career gal humor comic Tessie the Typist. He went on to do numerous stories featuring Tessie and her friend Skidsy and created the teen-humor feature "Margie". Although he was primarily a 'funny' artist, he apparently tried out for Terry and the Priates after Milton Caniff had announced his departure and in the early fifties he did a lot of romance stories for Stan Lee (at Timely) in a photo-realistic style vaguely reminiscant of that of John Prentice (which seems to indicate an Alex Raymond/Rip Kirby influence). From 1960 onwards he took over Mickey Finn from Lank Leonard and ran with it until it ended in 1976. Less know is the fact that in the early forties, he also was one of many artists doing a run on the Joe Palooka imitation Joe Jinks. I have had these scans for some time, but I was holding out to see if any Sunday pages would turn up. Unfotunately they didn't, so here is what I have. The style is not really recognizable, but the signature is already the same as the one we find at Timely.

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