Friday, October 18, 2013

Yoembie Treats

Friday Comic Book Day.

Today I am joinging my internet friends Booksteve and Karswell in celebrating the Archives of Horror from Yoe Books at IDW. In theis beautifully designed series of one shots Craig Yoe and his collaborators share the best of fifties horror that does not have the name EC or Timely attached to it. I first got in touch with craig over the Jack Cole stories, some of which I highlighted on my blog in the early years. With IDW Craig has created a Halloween promotion for fans of horror and good books from the continent of the U.S. of A. I am honoring these books by share one of he many horror stories by Bob Powell which is NOT in the book (but what's there, is just as good).


Fright Fans! You have five places where to win Yoe Books/IDW's complete Chilling Archives of Horror Comics! Those are the spine tingling collections of banned comics from the 1950s include "Dick Briefer's Frankenstein", "Bob Powell's Terror", "Zombies", the brand new, "Jack Cole's Deadly Horror" and the soon to be released "Haunted Horror hardback! Enter your name each place for four chances to win!

The sponsoring blogs and Facebook page are The Horrors of it All , Four Color Shadows, The Fabulous Fifties, the Yoe Books page on Facebook, and the IDW Publishing page on Facebook. Go here to each of them to win...


Enter your name in the contest by sending me an email at

Gory details: Contest closes on the stroke of MIDNIGHT October 29th. Winners will be announced on the above URL''s on Halloween so check in each place! (Only continental U.S. residents eligible, you can enter the contest all four places, but you can only win one set of books. Void where prohibited by law. Judge's decision final. YO! Are you not feeling lucky because a black cat crossed your path?! You can still have a Happy Halloween: fearlessly order the books for yourself (and everyone on your Halloween gift list) at the Yoe Books site...


Booksteve said...

What a great story! Powell's become a real favorite of mine over the years since I first encountered him drawing Marvel's HUMAN TORCH!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Powell is an amazing draftsman, with a great flair for horror based on an Eisnerian sense of storytelling.