Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Never Told You To Glankoff

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I missed last week's thursday post because I was planning on sharing a huge collection of True Comics over two weeks but unfortunately, I didn't get them done in time. So now here are they all at once. Among comic book collectors is best known for the comic book version which ran for a long time in the forties. Here we see, it was also turned into a series of Sunday specials, each telling the story of some rewarding war hero. The main artist for these was Sam Glankoff, who also drew a lot of 'normal' stories for True Comics. I have never been able to find out if the newspaper stories were done separately, but they seem to be. In 1945 Joe Simon did a couple of these as well, but I believe they were the same as the ones that were reprinted in a one shot comic book about the Coast Guard. Altough Glankoff died in the eighties, there is a website devote to his work as a modernist painter, which doesn't gloss over his roots in comic book and commercial art. It shows some more Sundays, most of which are in a tabloid format. The great thing about the comic of this period is, that they could be cut up and reformatted in different dimensions. I have added the Sundays of his website to mine, just to show the differences and similarities.

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