Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nature Boy George

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

These days Facebook seems to be the best way to reach a fresh new audience. It's habit of randomly sending messges to friends or your friends works very well for something like this blog - there will always be someone who has bever sen this stuff before and will be surprised by it. On the other hand, Facebook is fleeting and this blog has tunred into a nice archive over the years. In fact, if there is anyone out there conected to a university that wants to host a permanent archive from my posts (and keep them safe for future generations) I am up for it. It is my numer one goal (apart from getting a special mention at one of the comic awards, of course. A Harvey, an Eisner, a Kirby... I am not picky.

Every once in a while I create a Facebook item to generate some new attention to my blog. Without that I would never have known that Bill Wray was a fan of Dutch artist Daan Jippes. Last wek, that same Bill Wray (three of whose paintings have pride of place in my house) mentioned he likes the work of 30's-50's artist George Scarbo. And it just happens that I have ben collecting some of his most famous work, the Sunday only newspaper strip The Comic Zoo for a special post. Of course Scarbo did more. Follow the label to see some of his caricature work. But this is what he is best known for in comic strip circles. Nice to see that there are other ways to caricature nature without it turning into some sort of Disney derivate.

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