Monday, December 30, 2013

The Lost EC Stories Part 12

Saturday John Severin Celebration.

We are nearing the end of John Severin and Colin Dawson's run of pseudo EC stories for Stan Lee, which were done at the same time they were doing most of the work for Two Fisted Tales as well. After that run, John Severin started worked on scripts from Timely, which were mostly western stories at the start. That makes this entry a strange duck, because it is a western story, but it does follow the EC format and seems to have been written by Colin Dawkins. I chose to include it, so you can see for yourself. I did not include When The Dillans Rode from Western Outlaws #8 (April 1955) because it looks and reads like a house story as well.


The Seditionist said...

Ger; The display lettering is Ben Oda, and I think all the lettering is. Oda did some work for EC, including the display lettering on jobs that were "machine lettered".
So I would think that the story would have had at least some EC connection -- even if it meant Severing giving it to Oda to letter. Which in turn means that the story had to have been written and penciled at least while Severin was still working for EC for him to give the job to Oda. And maybe then he brought to Atlas (Timely) and sold an at least partly completed job.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have assembled these stories under the assumption that they were made and delivered to Timely by Severin and Dawkins whole. Since they appeared over a period of more than a year I do think that they had some sort of deal to do so and I do not think these were EC rejects or something like that.

Nick Caputo said...


I've been id'ing letterer styles (and learning more about their distinctive work) in the past year or so. Oda lettered this story, but he was a prolific letterer and I've seen his work at numerous companies (and comic strips) so it's not impossible that he did some lettering for Timely, and I believe I've seen other examples of his lettering in this period.