Thursday, January 02, 2014

Farley For President

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Regulars of this blog will know I am trying to find the end date of the 1958 strip Betsy and Me, which was strted by Jack Cole and taken over by Chicago commercial cartoonist Dwight Parks after his suicide in the summer of that year. From an interview with his son David I know that Dwight Parks was only hired by the synidcate to fill out the year, but to what date the strip actually ran is still unclear. Last Christmas I shared the last Sunday I could find, from December the 21st (with no new episode in the week after that). I had also found a source for the dailies that took me further than I had ever had, to November the 29th. Last month I found a new source, that had strips for december as well, but unfortunately around the second week the whole thing fell apart. The daily for December the 9th is misshot and only has the first panel and a half and the one after that, the December the 10th one is the last - after that the microfiche roll jumps to the ast couple of days of the month wit no Betsy and Me. So the searchis still on. Possibly for better copies as well, because these are overlit as well. So I am showing them here more as proof of existance than anything else.

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