Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final Bow

Saturday Severin Samples

Of the last few months I have shown the 12 or 13 'lost' EC stories by John Severin and Colin Dawkins. After selling these stories alongside their work for EC's Two Fisted Tales they went their separate ways. Dawkins also stopped doing the American Eagle stories they did together for Prize Comics Western. Although they remained friends Dawkins, who who directed his creativity full time to his job at the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. Severin started freelancing for Timely Atlas. In 1955/56 he worked for the Timely Mad magazine imitation Snafu, where he found he had an aptitude for that kind of work. He used that to work on several other Mad magazine imitations, including Loco and the later magazine Panic. From that he went to Cracked, where he spent most of his career for the next thirty years. The last few years he worked here, there and everywhere, very often on western stories, just like the first jobs he did for Stan Lee without Dawkins - like these three stories he did for Ringo Kid #6.

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