Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Wednesday Advertising Day.

One of the consistant and mostt succesful of all comic strip ad series was that for Camels cigarettes, mostly using sports celebrities to give the brand a healthy image. When the serie had run it's course, they contracted Dik Browne to do a funny series which worked just as well. At that point he had already 'left' the advertising bussiness to produce Hi and Lois, but I guess they made it worth his while.


fortunato said...

Try Old Gold: "Not a cough in a carload"! ;p

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Hey, where cigarette smoking is concerned I stay on the safe side of political correctness. A publisher I mention to that I would love to do a book on the positive contributions of the tobacco industry on the popular arts in the US told me he would consider it only after his book on the good works of the Nazi's. No room for nuance there.

Walter Loyd Lilly said...

...Perhaps you could try a certain disclaimer/a " look , it's the truth !!!!! " viewpoint for such a book ?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The truth never helped anybody. Smoking is bad for you has more 'thruthiness'. Let alone trying to sell people on the concept of there being different truths from different perspective. I am not saying there aren't any moral truths out there (I can think of no way to 'sell' Naziism) but to the world at large the truth of the tobaccoindustry paying for most of the radio shows, Sunday comics and television comedy is superceeded by the 'truth' that they were only doing it to hide their evil ways.