Monday, March 03, 2014

Ha Ha Funny

Monday Cartoon Day.

Here is a slection of cartoons from what I would call the mid range of American cartoonists from the late forties and early fifties. Dependable,but maybe a bit safe. They were often not classy enough for The New Yorker and not dirty enough for the girlie magazines (although most of them ended up there in the late fifties).

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Jim Meadows said...

The Bo Brown "I've decided to become an orphan" is pretty chilling stuff. But I was especially struck by the cartoons of Tom Hudson, a name I remember from what I think was his only appearance in Mad Magazine, with a piece called "The Rejection Slip". It's a series of letter from Hudson, self-described as a unsuccessful cartoonist, seeking a rejection slip from Mad to complete his collection. He writes for a rejection slip repeatedly, each time including an illustrative gag drawing, and each time the Mad editor finds the drawing to be funny and buys it. Finally, Hudson writes to Mad stating that their string of acceptances has convinced him to stick with cartooning after all, that he's throwing out his rejection slip collection and sending along a complete portfolio of cartoons. Of course, THAT elicits a form-letter rejection slip.