Saturday, March 22, 2014

Le Coeur de Juliette Jones

Saturday Leftover Day.

As promisd, I am upoading some of Paul Gillon's rench Juliet Jones clone: 13, Rue de l'espoir. Like the Dutch Marion I share dlast week, it was remarkably drawn. Gillon is a master at his art. In Europe he is best known for the sf strip Les Naufrages du Temps (just like Marion's Thé Tjong-Khing is best known in Holland for Arman and Ilva). But apparently he did this soap opera daily for more then ten years from the early sixties onwards. It was collected in the eighties and I will try and get those books, now that I have seen this.


jhegenbe said...

Merci mille!

Diego Cordoba said...

Les Humanoïdes Associés put some books collecting the strip, unfortunately the books are long out of print, though you can find them on ebay at €100.

For the American readers out there, Gillon's series Jerémie des îles was collected back in the early 80's in Warren's Vampirella magazine for a couple of issues, and the other series Ger mentions, Les Naufragés du temps was also going to be published by Warren before they went bankrupt. Gillon's Jeremy had the inconvenience of being drawn like Prince Valiant, with no word balloons, but with the text underneath every picture. Warren ignored this and added word balloons and eliminated the text.

Now that they are reprinting all the Warren material, I wonder if series like this and Torpedo and Victor de la Fuente's Haggarth and Haxtur will also be reprinted. I'm saying this, because these series are copyright by the artists and not by Warren...

Freddy Lopez said...


abbott & costello