Saturday, March 15, 2014

Raising My Eyebrow

Thursday Story Strip Day
Man, what I wouldn't give for a complete and good run of this strip. As I have shown earlier, the strip was started by Howard Nostrand and is known for the fact that Neal Adams worked as an assistant on it. But what is less known, is that Bob Powell took over the strip after three months and ran it longer that Nostrand did in the first place. I have written an article about Powell's 'forgotten' work of his last ten years. In most hostory books it is as if he did nothing after leaving comics, while in fact he created a huge aount of wonderful work for the early Mad magazine imitations, newspaper comics such as this one, girlie magazines and of course Sick. Some of the best work of his career and some of the most intelligent. I hope one day it will be published, along with a complete run of these. Just look at that Sunday - and I only have a two tier, but they were made a three tier Sundays.

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