Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Hardly Knew Ye

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Sometime it pays that I am such a compulsive reader of comics. Everytime there is a new scan available on the Digital Comic Museum, I have a look through it, even if it is a minor title. This week, in the last issue of Hillman's Romantic Confessions (V3#1) I came across this four page story. Even thought it can sometimes be difficult to tell the work of Mort Meskin and George Roussos apart, I am pretty sure we are looking at a previously unnoted 1953 Mort Meskin story, which is around the time his work for Prize was slightly winding down (but before he started doing work for Dreams). My guess is, this story was not drawn by Meskin, but it was heavily redrawn by him while inking, which is mostly visible on the faces.


Jerry Gonzalez said...

Hello Ger,
Great blog! I was wondering ever heard of the Cartoonist that signed his artwork as 'Leo'.
Discovered his work in some old 1950 Kiplinger Magazine. He did mostly spots for that mag.

The Art of Bob Chambers said...

hmmm....the gas station sign on page 2 says "Warren Garage" which leads me to believe the pencils (or script) were by Jack A. Warren, an artist on other Hillman publications.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

@Jerry: Leo als did spot illustrations for one of the bigger magazines. I'd have to check to se if it was The Saturday Evenng, Post, Collier's of one like that. I even came across a cartoon that features his last name. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

@Bob... I may have said I am not sure of Meskin pencilled this himself. So it could be possible. I don't know enough about Jack Warren to know if he did do pencils or lay-outs with his scripts.

jhegenbe said...

I think I see Jim Mooney in the poses of the characters on pages 1 & 2. Nonetheless, there's Meskin in the inks, for sure. Very rushed art, don't you think?