Saturday, April 12, 2014

George Heath

Saturday Leftover day.

This week I learned American comic book and newspaper strip artist Fred Kida had died. He had a huge career with many companies. Fro his early work, his art for the Hillman features Airboy and the Heap is most often mentioned, but before that he did a lot of work for Stan Lee at Timely as well, most notably on the horror and crime books. Here are some of his first three stories for Martin Goodman's outfit. He had a pretty and moody style, somewhere halfway between Russ Heath and George Tuska. The second story, The Finger, is interesting because it's theme predates a Jack Kirby story with the same subject for Harvey in the late fifties and it has all the hallmarks of being one of those rare unsigned Stan Lee stories. When Lee edited and wrote most of the horror book Menace by himself, he often chose Kida as one of his favorites to work with.

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