Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Woofday Adverwoofing

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Sam Cobean was a wonderful and well respected cartoonist, who dies too young. He was one of the few cartoonists who worked for the sophisticated New Yorker and for the more bourgeois Saturday Evening Post/Colliers crowd. Although he did a couple of books during his lifetime, a lot of his gags remain unreprinted and that's a shame. Like most popular cartoonists of his period (early postwar) he did a lot of advertising as well, with just as much result. I think the Ken-L series survived his death in the early fifties. In a world where cartoon cats are everywhere, his dogs are refreshing.

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rnigma said...

Briggs pipe tobacco was named for cartoonist Clare Briggs - its slogan "When a Feller Needs a Friend" was the title of one of Briggs' comic strips. (He also created "Mr. and Mrs.")