Monday, May 26, 2014

Check, Please!

Saturay Leftover Day.

I had this story in a folder as an early sample of Bernard Baily's signature striped short. Baily rose to fame as the artist of The Spectre and other early DC heroes. He also assisted Walt Whitman on Mister X, took over Vic Jordan from Paul Norris (who had taken it over from Elmer Wexler) and may have assisted Whitman on Debbie Dean. All in a rather primitive style, if you ask me. None of the flamboyance of Mort Meskin, Jack Kirby, Lou Fine or even the 'new' DC crowd of Milt Caniff influenced artists. In the fifties he revented himself along more modern lines, in the fifties illustrators style, with mild Milt Caniff influences. With this new style he first did a couple of horror stories for different companies before landing at DC again, becoming one of their aystays for the fantasy books. In those stories from the fifties, his work is always recognizable by the fact that his main characters have a (usually red) checkered shirt. he really love those things, using them over and over again. But he didn't start using them in the fifties. I have been looking for other samples of the checkered shirt eefect and this story frm MOre Fun #87 is one of the earlier ones.

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